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Sliding Window

Sliding Window

上市日期: 2016-10-20

Profile System: SPA100

Open Style: Slide Open

Window Frame: Aluminum

Surface Finishing: Powder Coating

Glass Type: 5+12A+5mm double glass

Standard: AS2047 Standard

Hardware: Original German Brand

Fly screen:Fiberglass·Stainless Steel·Aluminum


The ultimate low maintenance window style due to few moving parts, the sliding window is a classic design that will suit most architectural styles.

The operating sash slides on adjustable minimal friction nylon rollers, along an aluminium track, providing a smooth opening and closing action. Fully weather sealed around the frame to minimise draughts, dust and water intrusion, Superhouse sliding windows feature hidden lock panel for increasing aesthetic feeling

Ideal in locations where there is restricted space, aluminium sliding windows can be your design statement in laundries, bathrooms and kitchens.

Sliding Window

Window Colors

Superhouse chooses high quality powdercoated aluminum for its strong and durable finish, to provide 10-20 years of quality satisfaction. We offer a standard range of colors to choose from, or can create a custom color to suit your individual design needs.


Window Sizes

Superhouse believe that Australian homes come in all shapes and sizes, which means that the windows in these homes also vary in shape and size. That’s why we design and build windows based on your specific requirements. So whether it’s a big home, a small home, a traditional or contemporary home, we have a solution that is just right for you.


Sliding Window


● 100mm frame depth

● 22mm insulated glass

● 1.5mm extruded aluminum thickness

● 100μPowder coating thickness

● German hardware for 10 years warranty.

● Hidden lock panel for concise looking

● Aussie design frame for easy installation


Window Options

● A range of glazing options to achieve higher thermal performance

● Internal aluminium insect / fly screens or stainless steel security screens

● Can fit with retractable fly screen for maximum clear view

● Can be in anodized coating for corrosion environment

● Federation or Colonial glazing bars

● A variety of window style configurations


Window Performance


U-value (Differ by glass types)

2.6-6.2 m2·K/W

Water Tightness

350 Pa

Wind Load Capacity

4500 Pa

Noise Reduction

≤39 db


Product Details

Sliding Window


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