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Aluminum Hurricane Window

Aluminum Hurricane Window

上市日期: 2018-05-31

Profile System: SPA100

Open Style: N/A

Window Frame: Aluminum

Surface Finishing: Powder Coating

Glass Type: 5+12A+5mm double glass

Standard: USA Miami Dade, NOA

Hardware: N/A

Fly screen:N/A

24-HR Hurricane and Burglary Protection

Install our custom-designed hurricane windows and obtain 24-hour hurricane protection, avoiding the hassle of putting up and taking down storm panels. With our lines of windows and doors you not only obtain hurricane protection, you also protect yourself and your family against burglaries. Hurricane windows are built with a PVB interlayer sealed in between two layers of glass which makes break-ins difficult. 

Hurricane Windows

Improved Energy-efficient Windows

Drop your utility bills and realize important electrical savings by installting our impact-resistant products. Hurricane windows and doors are built of heavy-duty aluminum & Upvc frame with double glazing panes which make the windows much more energy efficient. Today, homeowners prefer large panoramic openings that can provide uninterrupted views. However, this architectural trend comes at an increased utility bill due to the greater sun exposures. Large single-glazed windows allow heat or cold transfer from the outside to the inside of the property. In contrast, impact windows provide excellent insulating capabilities, helping isolate interior spaces from the outdoor weather changes and contributing to important utility bill savings.

Insurance Premium Discounts

Impact windows and doors are effective windstorm protective systems recognized by insurance companies such as Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. If all of the house openings are protected with these types of windows or doors, policyholders can obtain up to 45% premium discounts, reducing the effective price or cost of installing the windows.

Hurricane Windows

Significant Noise Reduction

Our hurricane impact windows and doors help reduce outdoor noise significantly. Our client testimonials confirm that impact-resistant glass is a great contributor to bringing peace and quiet environments inside the house or property. For homeonwers who live near busy intersections, highways or heavy traffic, installing our hurricane impact windows and doors has proven to be an effective noise attenuation solution. Please see the video below filmed at one of our completed projects in Miami. Construction crew was working outside this house when we were supervising the end of the window installation. You can notice the significant noise reduction accomplished with a casement windows.

For Florida DADA Certification, currently we had won below models:

1) Shopfront Fix type
2) HInge door
3) Sliding door.

Our testing standard specification details is as following:

Air Infiltration Test

     1.57 psf

           Qa < 0.06 cfm/ft2 on window wall

     6.24 psf

           Qa < 1.0 cfm/ft2 on doors

Static Load

+/- 75PSF

Water Infiltration Test

     +15.75 psf for 15 minute

     No water passing the innermost plane per ASTM E331

Static Load Test

     +75 psf

      -75 psf

      Permanent Set of mullions < 0.2%L

      Permanent Set on Doors < 0.4%L

Forced Entry Resistance Test (AAMA 1304)

      300-lbs at six different locations on doors.(

      Doors cannot open

And for some windows for residentails like windows, sliding doors are being tested in a month and believe all the approval coming then.

  Superhouse Systems    

  Aluminum Windows      

    aluminum sliding windows, aluminum casement windows, aluminum folding windows, aluminum tilt and 

    turn windows, aluminum fixed windows,aluminum awning windows, aluminum louver windows, aluminum 

    wood windows, and so on.

  Aluminum Doors            

    aluminum sliding doors, aluminum casement doors, aluminum stacking doors, aluminum lift slidindoors,

    aluminum bifold doors, aluminum screen doors, aluminum louver doors, and so on.

  Curtain Wall     aluminum curtain wall, glass curtain wall.


China manufacturers supply aluminum casement windows for sale



Shanghai Superhouse Building Material Co,. Ltd, the export of window and door systems, with more than 15 years experience, is one of China leading suppliers of aluminum windows doors systems, offering an extensive range of locally designed aluminum window and door suites for residential and commercial applications.

Q:What is your main product?

A:We can supply aluminum windows and doors system (including profile, hardware, accessories, glass) as well as the finished products ready for installation.

Q:How can I get my price from you?

A:It is based on buyer's specific requirement, so pls provide below info to help us quote exact price for you.

 1) Shop drawing / window schedule to show the window dimensions, quantity and type; 

 2) Frame color; 

 3) Type of glass and thickness (single or double or laminated or others) and color (clear, tinted, reflective, Low-E or others, with Argon or without).


Q:What kind of service do you provide?
A:We are able to provide the engineering as well as supervising service to guide installation our windows and doors.


Q:Are your products certificated?
A:Yes! our products meet Australian standard and NFRC standard and also we will make our product tested and certificated if you required.

Q:What is your warranty? What can we do in case of problems?
A:10 years quality warranty is provided, including frame unfading nor peel-off, hardware and accessories working properly under correct operation. 10 years warranty for German hardware. In case of our quality problem, we will provide replacement by international courier. Immediate delivery of replacement parts with available in stock, and if not stocking, the time should be depending on material ordering time which is normally 10-15 days.

custom double glazed thermal break aluminum alloy doors and windows

We have a wide range of aluminium window and door systems; Suitable for commercial, residential, leisure and healthcare applications. 

Window systems: awning windows, bifold windows, casement windows, fixed window, jalousie windows, louvre windows, sash windows, sliding window, tilt turn windows, commercial windows, Louver/Shutter,blinds and other custom aluminium windows.

Door systems: sliding doors, hinged doors, bifold doors, blinds, casement door, folding doors, louvre doors, pivot door, pocket door, revolving door, screen door, stacking doors, swing-entrance doors, sliding folding doors, aluminium Louver/Shutter, and other custom aluminium doors.


hurricane impact windows



1.   6063-T5 high quality thermal break aluminium profiles

2.   6063-T5 high quality non-thermal break aluminium profiles

3.   PVC/UPVC profiles



1.   Double toughened glazing: 5mm+12A+5mm (A:Air);5mm+12A+5mm tinted; 5mm+12A+5mm Low-E; 5mm+27A+5mm 

2.   Single toughened glazing: 3/4/5/6/8/10/12/15/19/21//6.38/11.76mm

3.   Laminated glazing: 5mm+0.76+5mm, 5mm+0.38+5mm



1.   German brand:  Roto, Siegenia, Geze

2.   Australian brand: Doric

3.   Chinese brand: Kinlong, Zhenjiang



1. Stainless steel security mesh

2. Aluminium security mesh

3.   Fiberglass flyscreen

4.   Retractable flyscreen



1.   Powder coating

2.   Anodized

3.   Electrophoresis

4.   Wood grain

5.   Fluorine carbon coating

 Maimi window


 Sounds insulation: RW ≥ 30 dB

 Wind pressure resistance: 4500 pa

 Air permeation resistance: 70/150

 Water resistance: 450mm

  N6 CLASS based on AS2047 Standard Certification



Iron pallet + Air bubble film+Plastic film

As per your specific requests


10 years

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