Superhouse, is the first and only factory in China to get following approvals as below:
Florida products Approval (FPA) and Miami Dade NOA Certification (NOA'S)
We export (high) impact windows to FL and Caribbean countries for more than 10 years.
You would get MORE competetive price than buy from Florida local.
NOA Test Report FPA Test Report Florida Approved Windows
Miami Dade NOA'S
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Hurricanes In Florida

Florida has quite a history with hurricanes. Because it is near the tropics and westerly winds blow off the African coasts along the equator, Florida is vulnerable. With some major hurricanes behind us, people are wondering what the next years and decades will bring. Although some say that we left a rough time behind us, research shows that the worst Florida hurricanes are yet to hit this area. Hurricane experts have been researching the possibilities for future hurricanes based on the statistics taken in the last 100 years.

Hurricanes are very common for the Gulf Coast area and the Atlantic seaboard, but the south-east shore states have experienced some of the most intense hurricanes in the recent few years. From the 2000s and onward, Florida has been hit by some devastating hurricanes that caused huge damage worth millions of dollars, with Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Katrina being two of the strongest in recent years.

Living in Florida, especially in the coastal areas means you have to deal with hurricanes and tropical storms. Hurricanes happen every year in Florida without a break. This is true whether you live in Miami, the Florida panhandle, Jacksonville, Southwest Florida or anywhere in between. Florida has also been hit by more than twice as many hurricanes as the next closest hurricane-prone state, which is Texas. Of the 292 hurricanes that have hit the U.S. since 1851, a staggering 120 have made some sort of landfall in Florida.

Protection in Hurricane Affected Areas

Although the whole territory of Florida is prone to hurricanes, some cities are on major impact lines than the others. Since there is no way to be completely protected from catastrophic hurricanes and storms, it’s a good idea to think of effective ways to protect your home and family.

This can be achieved by investing in high-quality hurricane impact windows and doors as provided by Superhouse hurricane approved windows. Our products are specially designed to provide maximum security from high-level hurricanes, strong winds, and blasting noise. Hurricanes are one of the most damaging things that Mother Nature can throw at people. Of course, it only pertains to those who live on or near the coast. Still, you want to make sure that you’re doing your part. You probably leave when the state officials tell you to do so, but that doesn’t mean your home is protected.

It’s important to have hurricane windows & doors in Florida so that you don’t have to worry as much about flying debris and missile-like projectiles doing significant damage. Also, it’s essential to understand what factors to consider when buying hurricane windows in Florida so that you pick the right ones. Hurricane windows are designed when glass windows proved to shatter dangerously in high-wind storms. Hurricane windows are held together with one or more layers of laminate PVB. This adds flexibility so that windows may bend some in heavy winds without breaking.


Superhouse Get Florida Product Approvals (FPA) and Miami Dade NOA'S

Since 2005, Superhouse has been exporting middle and high-end aluminum doors and windows to the United States,including energy-saving thermal-broken windows, residential system windows, commercial system windows. It is proud that our products have received good feedback from the local market in the United States.

We also often received requests for doors and windows from customers in the Florida area. However, at that time, we neither had the local Florida certification, nor could we achieve the doors and windows performance they needed: bulletproof, impact resistance, and hurricane resistance. Since 2017, Superhouse has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop doors and windows that meet the local requirements of Florida. After many tests, we have obtained FPA certification: FL29092, FL29474, FL30906, FL30922, FL30923, FL32506, FL40279, and so on.

Unlike the rest of Florida, windows and doors in the miami Dade area are more demanding. In 2021, Superhouse started to focus on the research and development of high-performance hurricane-resistant windows again, and then in 2022, Superhouse take the lead in becoming the first company in China to obtain the Miami Dade NOA certification, which means that our hurricane windows have also obtained the miami dade county appoved.

Export To Florida & Caribbean Markets

Superhouse has exported impact doors and windows to Florida zones for more than 5 years, and has served customers in more than 10 countries and regions including Florida and the Caribbean countries, which include: Florida, Barbados, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Haiti, Dominica, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Aruba, Curacao.

Our impact doors and windows to Florida and the Caribbean, are widely used in residential and commercial buildings, most of which are used in hotels. These products include: impact sliding doors, impact awning windows, impact horizontal sliding windows, impact bifold doors, impact french doors, impact storefront doors, impact fixed windows.

We have been serving the hurricane-resistant door and window market for more than 5 years. We have served more than 200 customers, some of them are builders, some are construction companies, and some are house owners. We have received a lot of good feedback that our impact resistant doors and windows are of great quality, inexpensive and have all the local certification reports (FLORIDA PRODUCT APPROVALS / MIAMI DADE COUNTY NOA’S) for impact window and door products. Buyers are very happy to work with us, and some customers have purchased from us many times for their projects. So we are very pleased to say that we have achieved a win-win situation with local buyers.


Superhouse Main Markets



With Florida Product Approval (FPA), our impact windows are suitable to all of Florida.


Miami Dade

Approved by Miami Dade County NOA’S, we are able to protect Miami Dade.



Like Florida, we also export impact windows to Bahama, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands …

Impact Windows & Doors

Impact Resistance Test

Florida Product Approvals & Miami Dade County NOA'S

1 Awning window FL code: FL30922
2 Swing door FL code: FL29092
3 Sliding door FL code: FL30906
4 Sliding window FL code: FL30923
5 Fix window FL code: FL29474
6 Fold door FL code: FL32506
7 Fixed window FL code: FL40279
8 Sliding door FL code: FL41360
9 French door FL code: FL41525


1 Awning window 22-0125.01
2 Casement window 22-0125.02
3 Sliding door 23-0119.02 

Superhouse for your peaceful life!

Superhouse guarantee your safety with impact resistant windows.

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Impact windows and doors are designed to resist shattering when struck. Engineered with laminated glass, hurricane windows are held in place by a durable interlayer that stays intact even upon serious impact, protecting against the most extreme weather elements. They also provide increased home security, noise reduction, and convenience.

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Why Superhouse Instead of Florida Local

Certified Factory

As the only factory in China that has obtained Florida Product Approvals and miami dade county certification, Superhouse has the most complete certification system for impact-resistant door and window products.


Superhouse are an export-oriented company and have been exporting doors and windows to Florida for many years. Some of them are house owners, some are builders, and some are dealers. They are very satisfied with our products, and many of them have become our loyal customers. Our impact-resistant doors and windows are applied in some large-scale projects in Florida, like hotels.

Competitive Price

Compared with local Florida suppliers, our impact resistant doors and windows are quality, very competitively priced and cheap, which is why more and more Florida buyers choose us.


We have invested our own money and energy to develop hurricane impact resistant windows, and have passed rigorous testing to get the Florida product approvals (FPA) and miami dade county certification (NOA’S). Therefore, we know the products very well and can provide customers with the most efficient advice, or can customize the anti-hurricane products that meet the complex performance of customers. The number of Our R&D personnel have reached to 12 . we could provide the right advice for your project. More importantly, we offer 10-year warranty for our impact doors & windows.

After-sale Service

We take each customer seriously and pay attention to all aspects of each order. We will respond to customer feedback in a timely manner and give customers sincere help, which is one of the reasons why we have won the Florida anti-impact doors and windows market.