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Precautions for purchasing aluminum casement windows

aluminum casement windows

Aluminum casement windows not only have a wide opening area, but also have good sealing performance. What are the precautions when purchasing aluminum alloy casement windows?

1. The thickness of aluminum casement window is moderate

We always think that the thicker the aluminum casement window, the better? In fact, this is not the case. Thickness is not necessarily good, and if it is thicker, it will be very expensive for us to buy, and it is also a waste of resources.

But don’t be too thin, if we have requirements for strength, more than 1.2mm is better.

2. Aluminum casement window pay attention to internal

When choosing aluminum casement windows, many people only look at the appearance and not the interior. In fact, those with gorgeous decoration and bright colors are not durable.

The choice of glass must be the good one, and the way to judge its quality is that we can lightly scratch the oxide film on its surface. If it can be wiped off, then this is a good door and window to choose. .

3. Aluminum casement window signs are also very important

We must choose a regular manufacturer, we must see the logo clearly, and have a general judgment on it. Generally, it is a more reliable choice to choose a big brand, such as superhouse doors and windows.

4. Hardware accessories for aluminum casement windows

For aluminum casement window, its heart is the hardware accessories, which are connected to various parts, so we should not ignore it easily.

Especially when choosing handles and transmission parts, of course there are other aspects that need our attention, so we must do our homework on these aspects before starting.

How to maintain aluminum alloy casement windows?

1. When dismantling and washing the casement windows, professional appliances should be used for dismantling, and it cannot be forcibly dismantled;

2. The sealing top and glass glue are the key structures to ensure the sealing and thermal insulation performance of aluminum alloy casement windows. If they fall off, they should be repaired and replaced in time.

3. Always check the connection parts of the window frame, tighten the bolts in time, and replace the damaged parts.

4. During the use of the casement window, the action should be light, and the push and pull should go with the flow; when it is found that it is difficult to close, do not push hard, and troubleshoot first.

5. Always check the junction of the wall of the casement window frame. If the casement window is loose over time, it is easy to deform the frame as a whole, so that the window cannot be closed and sealed.

Summary: The above is an introduction to the precautions when purchasing aluminum casement window and how to maintain aluminum alloy casement windows. Finally, I hope this article can help you.

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