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Performance advantages of aluminum doors and windows

Performance advantages of aluminum doors and windows

Advantages of aluminum doors and windows

In winter, the house is always warm and we sigh how important it is to have a good door and window. But when we buy our own doors and windows, we often feel distressed because we don’t know how to choose. The functions of heat and sound insulation, let’s talk about the advantages of aluminum doors and windows today…

aluminum doors and windows sound insulation

After years of innovation and improvement of aluminum doors and windows, the sound insulation performance has been greatly improved.

Broken bridge aluminum structure, double-layer hollow tempered glass sound insulation and noise reduction, multi-cavity profile structure is effective for sound insulation, and multi-layer sealing strips are used to kill noise on the outer wall.

Multiple sealing guarantees

Water tightness and air tightness are also important points for the selection of doors and windows.

The thermal insulation strip between the good door and window attachment frame and the glass fan is on the same horizontal line, and the isobaric rubber strip is used for sealing treatment. When the window sash is closed, the isobaric rubber strip will be pressed tightly;

Compared with ordinary broken bridge windows, the three-sealed system window will be more excellent in air tightness, water tightness and sound insulation performance.

With the sealing strip, it can achieve the effect of windproof and warm.

Advantages of aluminum doors and windows durable

Service life is a point of concern for many people. Aluminum alloy profiles have the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, small deformation, strong fire resistance and long service life.

Diversified styles

Another advantage of aluminum alloy is the diversification of styles. With the emergence of door and window customization, the color can be matched with the home decoration, and the style can also be designed as you like.

Strong plasticity

Aluminum doors and windows are metal materials, which are light in weight and high in strength. They can be extruded into various complex section profiles used in various periods, and can meet the requirements of various new section materials for door and window designers.

The rapid development of aluminum doors and windows is inseparable from innovative technology and quality.

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