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How about aluminum shutters? shutter price

How about aluminum shutters?

What is the price of aluminum shutters? How much is the aluminum shutter per square meter? I believe that everyone will consider these two issues when buying blinds, right? Let’s take a look at the aluminum alloy shutters and the price of the shutters for your reference.

How about aluminum shutters

Curtains are the most beautiful scenery in a building. Now there are all kinds of curtains on the market, such as roller blinds, folding blinds, vertical blinds, and venetian blinds.

1. Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Below we will introduce to you the Venetian Blinds. There are many kinds of Venetian Blinds. Do you know aluminum Venetian Blinds?

Aluminum blinds are made of aluminum alloy, which is light and not easy to rust. It is a widely used curtain.

2. Shutter size effect

Aluminum shutters can be divided into two ways: manual and electric, and the blades can be adjusted at will. When the blade angle is 15 to 25 degrees, it can prevent outdoor peeping;

When the blade angle is 90 degrees, the maximum ventilation effect can be obtained;

The leaves are completely closed to block the intrusion of heavy rain.

The blade size of aluminum shutters is 10 × 50, 8 × 101, 13 × 104, 13 × 125mm and other four specifications.

The double-layer hollow material can effectively reduce noise and maintain indoor temperature.

Aluminum shutters price

Blinds are a style of windows that feature windows that can be fully retracted.

The price of blinds has different price positioning according to different brands and quality, so it should be determined according to specific needs.

Advantages of blinds

1. The aluminum shutters are light and thin in texture, beautiful in appearance, high in strength and good in sealing.

Most of the materials are hollow-core thin-walled composite sections, which are easy to use, reduce weight, and are not easily deformed.

2. The aluminum alloy is resistant to extrusion, the cross-sectional dimension of the material is accurate, and the processing accuracy is high.

3. After the aluminum alloy surface is treated, it can show many colors, which can be freely selected by everyone.

The above are some suggestions provided by superhouse about the aluminum alloy shutters and the price of the shutters. The above prices are for your reference only!

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