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How to make soundproof doors and windows?

Glass has a long history and stable nature. It is an excellent material that has been tested over time. It can not only be used for decoration, but also play an important role in various optical instruments, and can even be used to help buildings save energy and reduce noise. Through the use of different processing methods, we can make the glass have different characteristics. How to make soundproof doors and windows? Let me take a look.

How to make soundproof doors and windows:

How to do soundproof door and window equipment? First, measure the wall to ensure that the doors and windows are of appropriate size, and confirm the fixed points to reduce equipment errors. The following is the specific process of door and window equipment.

1. When iron parts are embedded on the wall, the iron feet of the sound insulation doors and windows can be directly welded to the embedded iron parts on the wall, and the welding place needs to be anti-rust treatment.

2. When there is no embedded iron parts on the wall, metal expansion bolts or plastic expansion bolts can be used to fix the iron feet of soundproof doors and windows to the wall.

3. When there are no embedded iron parts on the wall, you can also use an electric drill to drill a hole 80mm deep and 6mm in diameter on the wall, use L-shaped 80mm*50mm 6rmn steel bars, and glue 108 glue grout to the long end, and then Drill into the hole, and after the 108 glue cement slurry is finally set, weld the iron feet of the soundproof doors and windows with the embedded 6mm steel bars firmly.

4. After the soundproof door and window equipment is fixed, a concealed engineering inspection should be carried out first, and the gap between the door and window frame and the wall should be dealt with in time according to the planning requirements.

5. If the plan does not require it, elastic insulation materials or glass wool felt strips can be used to fill the gaps in layers, and 5-8mm deep grooves are left on the outside to fill in caulking grease or sealant.

Door and window equipment is a decisive factor in the use time of doors and windows. We need to find professional manufacturers of soundproof doors and windows when the equipment is in order to prevent the problem of poor equipment.

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