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What are aluminum casement windows?

What are aluminum casement windows?

The common casement windows in the market are divided into aluminum casement windows, solid wood windows, stainless steel, plastic steel, etc. according to the material; according to the opening method, they are divided into inner casement windows and outer casement windows; at the same time, there are differences between single and double fans.

Introduction of aluminum casement windows

1) Inward and outward opening

Opening method, aluminum casement windows can be divided into outward opening and inward opening.

The outward opening is derived from the outer opening and the upper hanging; the inner opening has a window that opens inward and falls inward.

As for single and double windows, it depends on the size of the area.

2) Aluminum window material and structure

The profile structure of aluminum windows can also be divided into many kinds, such as ordinary welded aluminum, broken bridge aluminum structure, etc.

According to different structures, broken bridge aluminum can be divided into ordinary broken bridge aluminum, heat insulation broken bridge aluminum, sound insulation broken bridge aluminum, etc.

Different raw materials, glass and hardware, the price of aluminum casement windows is also different. The price of casement windows of the same material is generally higher than that of sliding windows.

3) Broken bridge aluminum casement window vs ordinary aluminum window

Broken bridge aluminum windows are generally used with double-layer hollow sound insulation glass, so its sound insulation effect will be very good.

The edge of the window is sealed with adhesive tape, and its sealing effect will be better, and it is not easy to cause problems such as water leakage and air leakage in the window.

Another big difference between broken bridge aluminum and ordinary aluminum is that it has the effect of heat preservation and energy saving, which is determined by the heat insulation structure of the broken bridge.

Advantages and disadvantages of broken bridge aluminum casement windows

1) Advantages

Casement windows have good ventilation and can open the entire window opening.

Good sealing performance, excellent sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability.

Double-layer glass, broken bridge structure, rubber strip sealing, etc., ensure its water tightness, air tightness, sound insulation and heat preservation effect.

The safety performance and anti-theft performance are better than sliding windows, the anti-pry structure of casement windows, and a layer of diamond mesh can be added, which greatly improves the safety.

2)Disadvantages of casement windows

Although aluminum casement windows have many advantages, they also have disadvantages.

Inward-opening windows, that is, windows that open into the house, not only take up space (not recommended for small units);

Open the window outside, do not occupy the interior space, but the wind is easy to be damaged, and even fall off and cause an accident.

The view of the casement window is not wide enough. Although all the window openings can be opened, the overall window width of the casement window is limited.

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