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What are the properties of the balcony sliding door?

In daily life, the balcony is a very important functional area, where clothes can be dried, and it can be used as a garden and recreation area. Different people have different choices. So, should sliding doors be installed between the balcony and the living room? What performance does the balcony sliding door have?

The sliding glass door will make the living room look lighter and more fashionable. The division and cover are all that simple but without loss of change. Balcony sliding doors are the choice of most people. It not only saves space, but also adds style to the home space. Sliding doors in black, white or gray can be matched with any home style, generous and beautiful.

What performance does the sliding door need to have?

1, daylighting transparency performance

The balcony door is mostly the partition between the living room and the balcony. The light enters the living room through the balcony. The balcony door must have good light transmission performance.

2, anti-corrosion, sun protection performance

Due to the special geographical location of the balcony door, it is often exposed to sunlight and rain. The balcony door must be able to withstand the wind, the sun and the rain without being deformed or falling off.

3, wind pressure resistance, seismic performance

The balcony door is also the first line of defense for the home to guard against wind and rain. When a typhoon comes, the balcony door must withstand the typhoon to protect the safety of the home.

4, heat and sound insulation performance

In the hot summer, outdoor heat keeps pouring into the house. Close the door and turn on the air conditioner. The balcony door should be able to block the heat transfer and achieve the effect of indoor energy saving and constant temperature.

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