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Features and advantages of folding doors

Features and advantages of folding doors

Opening the door will take up some space. I want to choose a aluminum folding doors, but it cannot be fully opened. I am worried that the permeability of the room is not enough. Let’s take a look at the characteristics and advantages of folding doors.

Features and advantages of folding doors

1. Save space

The biggest feature of the folding door is that the door leaf can be folded and stored to the side, so that the opening space can be maximized and the light will not be blocked.

It can be expanded and separated when needed, and it can be folded when not needed to increase the space permeability. The space saving is not a little bit!

2. Create a more flexible spatial pattern and enhance the sense of transparency

The door is used to divide the space. When the folding door is closed, the space function can be clearly divided;

However, after it is fully opened, the two adjacent spaces become a whole, and the space division is more flexible, so as to avoid giving people a feeling of being too closed and too oppressive.

The glass folding door itself has good transparency and better lighting permeability, which will not affect the indoor visual effect and make the space look more spacious.

You can also fully see the outdoor landscape, so that the indoor and outdoor are unobstructed and the field of vision is broad.

3. Beautiful appearance and strong decoration

When the folding door is in the half-open and half-closed state, the shape is the most beautiful, and the folding angle of the door leaf makes the whole space three-dimensional.

Greatly enhances the overall sense of high-level design, so that your home instantly has a sense of luxury!

4. Strong applicability

The use of folding doors in home improvement is very wide, and basically every space can be well applied.

(1) Large-scale high-end residences: the open space is most suitable for folding doors, and it feels luxurious and atmosphere.

(2) Small apartment: Many people think that folding doors are only suitable for large apartments, but in fact, folding doors can also be widely used in small apartments.

The most important thing to pay attention to when decorating a small apartment is the layout of the space. It is necessary to meet the multi-functionality of one area and to achieve orderly separation. Folding doors can solve this problem very well!

(3) Sun room: If you want to build a sun room, or create a private space on an open-air balcony, you can also choose a folding door.

It can not only ensure sufficient sunlight exposure and outdoor air circulation, but also play a protective and shading role when the weather changes.

(4) In addition, folding doors can also be widely used in offices, exhibition halls and public places.

5. Superior performance

Heavy-duty aluminum folding doors have good thermal insulation and sealing performance, which can effectively heat insulation and moisture, isolate oil fume, reduce noise, and have the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., which are naturally handy for household applications.

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