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Surface treatment method of aluminum doors and windows

Surface treatment method of aluminum doors and windows

The surface treatment of aluminum profiles is one of the important links in the production of aluminum doors and windows. Good surface treatment can greatly improve the corrosion resistance, weather resistance and service life of aluminum doors and windows.

Of course, the processing technology is different, and the process is also quite different. Today, we will introduce three common surface treatment technologies for aluminum doors and windows: anodizing, electrophoretic spraying, and wood grain transfer.

Electrophoretic spraying

Electrophoretic paint film has the advantages of plump, uniform, flat and smooth coating.

The hardness, adhesion, corrosion resistance, impact performance and penetration performance of the electrophoretic paint film are obviously better than other coating processes.

It has high metal texture, high corrosion resistance and high weather resistance, which is more decorative than spray painting and powder spraying, and is deeply loved by consumers.


Overcome the defects of aluminum alloy surface hardness and wear resistance.

Anodized aluminum profile, anti-static, easy to clean without vacuuming, excellent heat dissipation, super metal appearance, high-grade and beautiful, uniform color, no fading, effectively improve the bonding force of organic coating and inorganic coating .

wood grain transfer

Wood grain transfer printing, as the name suggests, is a surface treatment technology that reproduces various wood grain textures on the surface of aluminum profiles.

Because wood grain color satisfies consumers’ pursuit of natural and comfortable life, it is currently widely used in the aluminum alloy door and window market.

The surface pattern is clear, the color is pure, and the layering is strong, which is highly sought after by many consumers. It has excellent anti-aging and fading resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and fully displays the beautiful wood grain texture, which adds a lot of color to the home environment.

In addition to providing consumers with more color choices, the surface treatment of aluminum alloys is more important to improve the corrosion resistance of the profiles and improve their service life. Aluminum profiles generally require surface treatment.

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