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How to buy aluminum anti-theft door


The aluminum anti-theft door is a mid-range anti-theft door with high hardness. The aluminum alloy material used in aluminum anti-theft doors is different from common ordinary aluminum doors and windows. It has higher hardness and bright colors. It is decorated with patterns and patterns to give people a sense of magnificence. It is a mid-range anti-theft door. Are aluminum security doors expensive? The following is an introduction to the price and purchase method of aluminum alloy anti-theft doors.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum security doors

Advantages: This kind of metal door has high material hardness and bright color, so the style of the door itself is good, plus patterns and decorations, etc., revealing a magnificent and luxurious temperament. In addition, aluminum alloy anti-theft doors are not susceptible to corrosion and fading due to material reasons.

Disadvantages: Some door hinges are studs and cannot be disassembled. There are friction and metal noises when opening and closing the door.

Which is better, aluminum anti-theft door and stainless steel

It mainly depends on where the space is used. Stainless steel is durable, but it is not very good in appearance. It is generally used as a house door. The appearance of aluminum alloy is good, but it is easy to fade in the sun, so it is generally used in the room. In terms of material alone, stainless steel anti-theft doors are stronger than aluminum alloy anti-theft doors.

Aluminum alloy security door price

There are many types of anti-theft doors in life, different styles, and slightly different prices. As consumers, they are always willing to buy the most affordable aluminum alloy anti-theft doors with the least effort. Next, I will focus on the price of aluminum alloy anti-theft doors.

The first is the cheapest type of aluminum alloy anti-theft door on the market. It has been around for a long time, its style is outdated, and its anti-theft coefficient is average. The price is generally around 900 yuan, which is suitable for ordinary people. The second is a type of European-style rolling shutter aluminum alloy anti-theft door, the price is generally around 1,500 yuan, and its anti-theft coefficient is better than before.

How to purchase aluminum alloy anti-theft doors

After everyone has a certain understanding of the price of aluminum alloy anti-theft doors, the desire to buy rapidly expands, but at this time everyone needs to calm down and understand more about the purchase to truly buy high-quality and low-cost products.

Next, let me briefly talk about the purchase method of aluminum alloy anti-theft doors. First of all, we know that the better the quality of the anti-theft door, the higher the anti-theft coefficient. At this time, we need to look at the thickness of the anti-theft door steel plate, the thicker the better. We also need to look at its delivery date, specifications, and valid certificates such as the delivery certificate. Next we have to look at its waterproof, airtight, sound insulation and other properties. Finally, we have to check how many lines of security the anti-theft door lock has. The more lock points, the safer.

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