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The difference in the price of aluminum doors and windows

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There are many types of doors on the market. For example, plastic steel doors, solid wood doors, stainless steel doors, etc. are common indoor door and window products. Of course, there are far more indoor door products on the market. Aluminum doors are also a common type of metal doors and windows. Compared with other door and window products, what are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum doors? What is the difference between cheap and expensive aluminum doors and windows? Let’s get to know it together!

There are several specifications for the thickness of aluminum alloy

The standard thickness of the national standard aluminum alloy should be greater than 1.2mm. According to the requirements, the thickness of the aluminum window should be more than 1.4mm, and the thickness of the aluminum alloy door should be more than 2.0mm. However, many projects have no special requirements, so 1.0mm thickness will be used. For windows made of non-national standard aluminum alloy, its actual thickness is only 0.88mm to 0.98mm.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy


1. Light: Because the weight of aluminum sheet is 2.71kg/m2 per square meter, the thickness of the panel can be up to 3mm or more, which greatly increases the flatness of the font surface;

2. Not easy to rust: the aluminum plate oxidizes slowly, and there will be no rust stains to pollute the wall after it is made into a sign;

3. Easy to paint: it is easy to make the paint film adhere. If processed properly, the surface durability is strong, which is comparable to the car surface paint;

4. Easy to install: As it is very light, it is much lighter to install.


The welding process is similar to the stainless steel material process, but the texture of aluminum alloy is too soft, and the level of the processor during the welding process will directly affect the flatness and reliability of the surface of the finished word; this also makes the aluminum alloy sign in the modern sign design The flaw in the beauty of the modern signage technology requires not only the overall image, but also its own personality. The aluminum alloy welding technology limits its profile and product range diversity.

The difference between cheap and expensive aluminum doors and windows

1. Profile quality

For aluminum doors and windows, profile quality has always been very important! The quality of the profile specifically includes the thickness and strength of the profile itself and the thickness of its surface oxide film! These various points will have a great impact on the quality of the product, and naturally it is also one of the main factors that widen the price gap.

2. Selected hardware

Although the domestic door and window industry is developing rapidly, there is still a clear quality gap between domestic products and foreign products in terms of product hardware. In order to save costs, some domestic aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers will choose domestic products when making their products; and some mid-to-high-end brands will choose high-end imported hardware at all costs! As a result, the production costs of the two types of products will further widen the gap, which naturally also has an impact on the final product pricing.

3. The difference in production level

For the same set of materials, if the level of production process is different, then the final products are often of uneven quality. Therefore, those low-priced mid- and low-end aluminum doors and windows are often not made with more sophisticated and high-level craftsmanship; while high-end products with high prices are produced with excellence, every detail strives for perfection,

4. Environmental protection performance

Speaking of environmental protection, although this is just an invisible and intangible concept, for a product, whether it is environmentally friendly is indeed related to our own health! Especially for synthetic home building materials such as aluminum doors and windows, its environmental protection performance cannot be ignored. Therefore, high-priced products often have relatively good green and environmental protection characteristics, while low-priced products may not be satisfactory in this regard.

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