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How to judge the system doors and windows?

How to judge the system doors and windows?

The term “system doors and windows” is not unfamiliar to everyone, because it has been nearly two or three years for the system doors and windows to be officially accepted by the market. In the past, system doors and windows gave people the impression that they were “expensive” products. Today I share how to judge the system doors and windows? I hope you can buy truly high-quality system doors and windows.

System door and window definition

Everyone is still at a loss as to how to define system doors and windows. In fact, the earliest definition of system doors and windows is a product with R&D, production, and testing capabilities to achieve better door and window performance.

There are indeed only two door and window products on the market: one is called processed doors and windows, and the other is called system doors and windows. At present, the market dominates, in fact, small workshop processing plants, which may account for more than 80% of the consumption of doors and windows.

What is the processing window?

Just buy ready-made window materials and process them with simple equipment;

And the system doors and windows must have the ability of product development, production, and testing, then the product quality can be controlled; the quality is much better, and the performance indicators are very real.

How to judge whether it is a system door or window?

1. Looking at the brand, this method is actually the same as other products, that is, a good door and window brand at present must have a research and development team, and also have the strength to develop products, and launch products must have strong market competitiveness.

2. Looking at the craftsmanship, this is actually the strength of consumers, which is actually the simplest and most effective way.

3. Looking at the structure, this requires consumers to understand some knowledge of doors and windows, because the system doors and windows are result-oriented, and must achieve good water tightness, air tightness, sound insulation, safety performance and so on.

The identification method is: first, understand the brand; second, look at the product process; third, look at the structure. If you have any good suggestions, please leave a message below.

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