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Are aluminum doors and windows good against theft?

Are aluminum doors and windows good against theft?

Anti-theft doors and windows are the first line of defense in the home. We need to pay more attention to the selection. It is extremely important to choose doors and windows with strong safety performance and high anti-theft coefficient! The anti-theft of aluminum doors and windows on the broken bridge is good.

Is the anti-theft of broken aluminum doors and windows really good?

Broken bridge aluminum windows can only play the role of noise insulation, heat insulation, and waterproof, and the sealing performance is better.

If you want to prevent theft of doors and windows at home, you need to customize a broken bridge aluminum integrated window, that is, the diamond mesh screen window and the window sash share a window frame.

The diamond mesh screens are made of 304 stainless steel, and the thick diamond mesh should be used, which is resistant to shearing, scratching, rusting, mosquito-proof and more anti-theft.

In summary, the anti-theft performance of the aluminum integrated window of the broken bridge is still good. You can no longer need to make a stainless steel anti-theft window.

How about the anti-theft of aluminum doors and windows of broken bridges?

From the above, it can be known that because the window of the broken bridge aluminum is more complex and has a certain thickness than the general aluminum alloy, plastic steel doors and windows, generally only the installation of diamond mesh can achieve a good anti-theft effect.

Because the good quality diamond net also has anti-theft function. Of course, if it is used in special scenarios, it is still necessary to install anti-theft windows

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