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Regular inspection of aluminum alloy doors and windows

After the aluminum alloy doors and windows are installed, they have to withstand the wind and rain, the sun and the wind. Therefore, after using for a period of time, aluminum alloy doors and windows will experience aging and damage. In the process of use, a little improper or hard object impact can cause a lot of damage to the doors and windows. The adhesive strips will age and fall off, and the hardware accessories will rust and corrode. Therefore, regular inspections are necessary to ensure the safety of the family.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows should be inspected regularly. Superhouse doors and windows remind these 3 points not to be ignored:

1. Regularly check door and window hardware accessories

Hardware accessories play a very important role in connecting all parts of doors and windows, and can even directly affect the service life of doors and windows. However, many people still ignore the role of hardware accessories.

2. Regularly check the junction between doors and windows and walls

Due to changes in the weather, thermal expansion and contraction often occur, especially after years of wind and sun. If you find that there is looseness in the joint with the wall, you should immediately notify the professional to come to check and repair. Otherwise, once the frame is deformed, it is easy to cause damage. The window cannot be closed or sealed, and it will cause water seepage and rain leakage in rainy days.

3. Regularly clean and maintain doors and windows

Doors and windows also need regular maintenance, so that they can be protected to a certain extent to avoid premature damage and maintain their safety risks. When cleaning doors and windows, try to choose soft gauze or cotton silk to avoid scratching the surface of doors and windows and affecting their appearance. The sliding grooves of doors and windows should also be cleaned in time, and when there is dust or debris, clean up in time. When you encounter stains and dirt that are difficult to clean, you can clean it with alcohol or neutral detergent.

However, when buying doors and windows, it is recommended to choose better quality tempered glass. There is a tempered glass made of international controlled drying technology, which can keep bright and transparent in any harsh environment. The pro-test effect is very good. No frequent cleaning is required.

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