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Precautions for door and window decoration

The seemingly simple decoration of doors and windows, there are still many problems to pay attention to, let’s take a look at the matters needing attention in the decoration of doors and windows!

1. The gap between doors and windows is too large

During the decoration, the planing master left the gap too large, or the installation was not perpendicular to the ground. You can remove the doors and windows, plan and repair them until they match, and install them vertically. If the vertical is difficult to grasp, the gasket can be straightened under the door and window frames.

2. The quality of hardware is poor

The hinges of the horizontal door and window are not right, which will also cause the water in the frame and the door and window to be neat. Reinforce the screws that fix the door and adjust the inclination of the door, window and frame cover to be neat. Do not tighten the screws too tightly, which is inconvenient to adjust. If you tighten it once, it will cause the doors and windows to be too tight or too loose, giving you a sense of openness. The upper screws should be kept straight and should be nailed halfway first, and then tightened.

3. The door leaf opening and closing is not smooth

Generally, the bolts of doors and windows are not installed correctly. In addition to the unsuitable size of the formation locks, there is also the biggest reason that the bolts and the plate are not aligned. Mark them before installation.

4. Sliding doors are laborious

The general reason is that the upper and lower rail grooves are not vertical, and they are not at the same vertical. You can remove the rail first, and align the upper and lower rail and the center of the rail groove with a vertical ruler.

5. Other matters needing attention

The overall frame rigidity is relatively poor, it is difficult to open and close doors and windows, and it shakes in windy and heavy rain. See if you can solve it below:
(1). The selected material is not suitable, and the degree of hardness is not enough.
(2). The installation is not standardized enough.
(3). The fixing used to install the wall is invalid.

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