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Why choose aluminum windows when decorating?

Why choose aluminum windows when decorating

As an indispensable hardware in the living room, windows must not be ignored during decoration. Although many people use aluminum windows in their homes, it is estimated that few people know why they use them? What are the advantages of this broken bridge aluminum window?

What is a broken bridge aluminum window:

The installer compares the broken bridge aluminum window to a hamburger, with an aluminum alloy frame on the outside, glass on the inside, and insulation in the middle.

The master mentioned that the reason why the broken bridge aluminum window is called “broken bridge” actually refers to the heat insulation strip in the broken bridge aluminum window.

It separates the outdoor and indoor aluminum alloy windows, so that the air on both sides is buffered, so as to block the external cold air from blowing into the room, and also keep the room warm.

Advantages of broken bridge aluminum windows:

The design of the broken bridge aluminum window itself gives it advantages that traditional windows can’t match:

1) Insulation

Due to the profile characteristics of the broken bridge aluminum window, it has greatly improved the thermal insulation performance; the heat insulation strip added in the middle can make the thermal insulation effect reach the strongest.

2) Sound insulation

In addition to thermal insulation, the broken aluminum windows are of a closed design, with tight seams and sound insulation;

3) Waterproof

Comes with stepped drainage holes and drainage system to effectively prevent rainwater from entering the room in rainy days.

4) Not easy to deform

Broken bridge aluminum windows have strong pressure resistance and heat resistance, and are not easily deformed even if they are exposed to wind and sun for a long time. If you choose high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, the color will not fade and the maintenance cost is low.

How to choose broken bridge aluminum windows:

The installer told me, don’t look at the advantages of broken bridge aluminum windows, but if you don’t choose the right one, you still can’t do it!

I took the opportunity to ask again: “Is the expensive aluminum for broken bridges necessarily good?”

The master told me frankly, of course not.

The high price of broken bridge aluminum windows, in addition to the brand’s blessing, is also related to its materials, workmanship, thickness, and accessories. Therefore, when purchasing, you can’t distinguish between good and bad only by price. attention to 4 places:

1) Profile thickness

Generally, the standard profile thickness is between 1.4mm-2mm, and the profile below 1.4mm is thinner and not strong, and it is certainly not durable to make windows.

Although the standard is so, the master suggested that I choose a wall thickness of 1.8mm. After all, in recent years, there have been many extreme weathers. It is no harm to choose a thicker one that is stronger.

2) Workmanship of aluminum alloy window frames

Pay attention to the workmanship of the aluminum alloy window frame. The surface gloss is good, there is no blemish, no burr, and the color is the best.

3) Glass

The glass in the middle of the aluminum windows of the broken bridge is also very important and cannot be ignored. Hollow laminated glass is the best choice, the price is moderate, and the sound insulation is good.

If your home is near roads, viaducts or airports and other noisy areas, it is more appropriate to choose laminated insulating glass, which means the price is higher.

4) Hardware accessories

The quality of hardware accessories affects the service life of windows, especially small hardware such as hinges, handles, and slide rails. Buy high-quality products instead of inferior ones. Otherwise, the window won’t close after a few years, isn’t it embarrassing.

In addition, be sure to pay attention to the tricky price:

Don’t just ask the price of one square meter, but look at the specific size and thickness; it’s best to measure the size in advance, and then ask the merchant to quote.

And don’t feel troublesome, just go to a few more stores and buy after the comparison is good, so that you won’t be scammed by the merchants when you come up.

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