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How to choose high and low end broken aluminum doors and windows?

In the market, aluminum doors and windows products have everything, but the quality is uneven. For example, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have different prices and different quality. When consumers buy, they pay more attention to appearance and price. Deciding whether to buy is the price.

To define the value of a product, the price is usually the most intuitive embodiment. Expensive is not necessarily the best, cheap, and not necessarily all bad. Choosing door and window products cannot be completely dominated by price.

Compared with low-end brands, budget-quality brand doors and windows differ not only in price, but also in product quality. High-end products, input technology, selected raw materials, production details, etc. are different, and low-priced. The product uses unqualified profiles and glass. These raw materials are cheap and the price is naturally low. Although the appearance is not much different from that on the market, after installation and use, water leakage, air leakage, and non-sound insulation problems will frequently occur .

Therefore, if the budget is sufficient, it is best to choose branded doors and windows, and the quality is guaranteed. If you don’t know how to choose, you can look at the following aspects.

How to choose aluminum doors and windows?


Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are currently the most popular door and window products on the market. From the perspective of durability, high-end broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can have a service life of up to 30 years, which is longer than ordinary broken bridge aluminum doors and windows.

Wind resistance

Generally, in the face of severe weather such as strong winds and heavy rains, the wind resistance performance of doors and windows will also face a huge test. Therefore, the wind resistance performance of doors and windows is particularly important.

Low-priced doors and windows are sold at a low price because the raw materials of the products are cheap. Most of the selected profiles are secondary processed aluminum. Compared with primary aluminum, it has no brightness, low strength, and wind resistance. The use may not show much, but once it encounters a typhoon, its disadvantages are undoubtedly leaked.

From the perspective of safety performance, the price of doors and windows products made of primary aluminum materials is higher, but the wind pressure resistance performance will be relatively better.


Door and window water leakage, air leakage, poor sound insulation, etc. are also very common door and window problems, and the occurrence of such problems has the most direct relationship with the sealing performance of doors and windows. Therefore, when choosing broken aluminum doors and windows, remember not to just look at the price. It depends on the airtightness of doors and windows.

So how to judge the sealing performance of a door and window, you can see whether its cavity structure design is multi-cavity, multi-channel sealing, whether the sealing tape used is EPDM sealing tape, and the glue injection process Whether to inject glue for the pins, there is a drainage structure, and the hidden drainage is better.

From low-end to high-end doors and windows, different choices will bring different experience effects. After understanding the above buying skills, how to choose, I believe many people have the answer.

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