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Misunderstanding of custom aluminum doors and windows?

Misunderstanding of custom aluminum doors and windows?

Customized doors and windows can make full use of the room space, and can be customized according to the owner’s preferences and actual conditions. Therefore, the customization of aluminum alloy doors and windows has become a trend. So what are the misunderstandings of custom aluminum doors and windows?

1. Similar doors and windows may be much different

When buying doors and windows, the first thing consumers often do is to inquire about the price, or only talk about the price, not the configuration.

When you think that the doors and windows are too expensive and not worth it; when you think that the doors and windows that are similar on the surface are actually much worse inside;

When you obviously have a big eye on the doors and windows of big brands, but in the end you choose a less well-known ordinary door and window because of the price…

Perhaps many people think so: The doors and windows are not too bad and can be made do, do you need to spend so much money?

Behind the low-priced products, many are the selection of materials at low cost and the rough craftsmanship required for fast completion…

Only after moving in did I find all kinds of unsatisfactory. Therefore, in the case of the same brand and the same materials, it is easier to buy cost-effective doors and windows by comparing various aspects and multiple angles.

2. Not only shelter from wind and rain, but also hardware is not simple

A good door and window can naturally block the wind and rain and withstand the pressure, but there are more options for good doors and windows.

In addition to the basic requirements of lighting, ventilation, wind and rain, as a part of the building structure, it also has the functions of heat preservation and heat insulation, sun shading, energy saving, sealing and noise reduction.

In the “room” world of doors and windows, hardware is by no means a dispensable accessory, but the heart of doors and windows and the core that supports the comprehensive performance of doors and windows.

The performance of many doors and windows is supported by the quality of hardware, and the cost of good door and window hardware accounts for 15%-30% of the overall cost, or even more.

Therefore, the importance of choosing high-quality door and window hardware is self-evident for the home experience of doors and windows that the owners expect.

3. Good doors and windows are good, but not once and for all

Choosing a good door and window is not only for peace of mind, but also for comfort, but this does not mean that it can always protect our safety and experience.

It is important to know that any door and window have a certain service life. The longer the use time, the more serious the deterioration and aging of the door and window.

When the hardware accessories that support the normal operation of doors and windows are rusty, aging, or broken, hidden safety hazards of doors and windows will follow.

Preventing problems before they occur is the best way to stay away from injury! Regular maintenance of doors and windows in your home and investigation of hidden dangers can be more safe and secure.

4. Freedom of choice, not absolute arbitrary choice

With the freedom of door and window customization, we can choose the type of door and window, color style, and various practical properties that we like.

But freedom of choice does not mean that you can be willful; in the following situations, we need to be cautious:

1. For families with children and the elderly, try to choose low flat rails for interior doors, and choose buffering devices for sliding doors;

2. Do not install outside windows above the seventh floor. If you consider indoor activity space, you can choose to open inside and inverted windows;

3. If you choose to open the window outside, please install a slow fall device for the window sash, and an anti-theft net can be installed in an unrestricted area;

4. For coastal/high-rise residential buildings, try to choose window types that are resistant to wind pressure and airtight;

The above misunderstandings about custom aluminum alloy doors and windows are shared here.

As long as the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows is reliable, the price is reasonable, and the appearance is beautiful, it is relatively easy to sell customized aluminum alloy doors and windows.

And in the custom marketing, aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers directly face consumers, reducing many intermediate links and reducing various costs, and consumers can get a very affordable price.

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